Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DAMN DIRTY SNOWMAN! - 2/25/15 - Image-a-day

I got a walk on the beach after work today. Even though it warmed up to the mid-forties today, there was still a lot of ice and snow on the beach. Along a particular lonely stretch, I happened across this damn, dirty snowman with seaweed hair and lopsided grin. He was a kindred soul to my solo stumble under the winter sky. Sometimes I feel frozen in place. It can be hard to see any progress in my life except for the hand of time greying my beard and setting crow's feet on my eyes. One day the shadow will come for me and I hope that day is a long way off. Before my time is done, "I have a mind to misbehave", as the "Firefly" quote goes. Many adventures that I've rehearsed in my mind's eye. Places to go, people to meet and art to create. Damn, dirty snowman...


PS- Here is the path I walked.

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