Saturday, January 03, 2015

Janet Drawing - 1/3/15 - Image-of-the-day

Today's image is a photo of my wife, Janet Shaughnessy drawing, which is another kind of image making. Janet is my favorite artist. She can make art just about anywhere, anytime, unlike me who needs a controlled environment, proper lighting, music and mood. Janet can whip-out her sketchbook while waiting at the doctor's office or in an airport or during a meeting and make mysterious and wonderful pieces of art. I feel grateful to be witness to her ever evolving creative journey.

On another note, I am glad to have successfully inspired two of my fellow artists (and friends) to take up the "image-a-day" challenge. Check-out the fine art photography of Casey Gwinn at COGfoto and the freaky, underground comix and paintings  from Ralf Schulze's Aardvark Farms.

See you tomorrow!


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