Sunday, February 05, 2012

February 5, 2012 - Hike Day

My Seven Mile Neighborhood Walk

It was a lovely gray, soggy day today that reminded me of Scottish weather, in other words, a perfect day for a hike. I've been tearing up my hiking goals so far this year. I need to average 62.5 miles a month to make my year long goal of 750 miles. I finished January with 80 miles. The 7 miles today, added to my other February miles, brings me to 98 miles total for the year so far. Cool temperatures are more agreeable to me for hiking, so I'm working hard to get ahead now, so I can be a little lazy when the heat of summer comes. Here's a link to a plot of this hike:

Gmaps is a handy, free tool for getting an accurate idea of how far you've gone.

All this training is good for keeping in shape, but I need to get a hiking trip on my calendar soon.