Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Image for January 3, 2012 - Here Comes the Sun!

Sharp Arctic winds ripped through the area today finally bringing the full bite of winter for the first time this season. I don't mind it, actually prefer to bundle up and have the heavy leather jacket on; hat and gloves deployed. For those that don't care for the cold, here's one of my "vintage" Kan-Ken Studios post cards from way back in April of 1993. This card was mailed off to my pal Gary Garbett (evidence of just how long we've known each other) and was returned because of an unknown address. Dig that Bambi stamp and only nineteen cents to mail a post card. This Sun sculpture was a limited edition, I think I cast fifty copies (maybe one hundred?) and painted them all differently. It was a popular piece costing only about $50. If any one reading this bought one and still has it, I'd love to see a picture of where you have it hanging. Sometimes I miss those days of the outdoor art shows, but mostly I'm glad for having moved on. I stepped off when the fun had drained out of it for me. Doesn't mean I won't ever step back on that crazy ride, but for now, I am happy.