Monday, June 27, 2011

Image for 6-26-11 - Hiking and the Bayou Bugaloo

I was off my hiking routine for the last week and a half or so, but made up for it this weekend by hiking Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I got up and hit a solid seven miles this morning. The heat rung me out, but still managed to get a strong pace going. I saw these weird, alien-like seed pods hanging off some trees along Shore Drive and had to get a shot. The remind me of some kind of science fiction illustration from the 1950s. Tiny, organic Sputniks.

Later that afternoon we went down to Town Point Park in Norfolk to catch some New Orleans flavor at the Bayou Bugaloo Festival. I remember back to the old days when it was free and the Neville Brothers would play every year filling the park with drunken, dancing fools. Now it costs ten dollars a head, so the crowds are smaller and less drunk and don't dance as much and it's been years since the Nevilles have been through. We caught The Savoy Cajun Family Band, Bonerama, Anders Osborne and The Funky Meters. My fav was Bonerama, always a good time. They went from "Down By the Riverside" to "The Big Chief Song" to "Helter Skeletor" without breaking a sweat (that's not true, they were all sweating like dogs, but we all were 'cause it was hot). Anders Osborne was OK, basically just played one long jam session, which got tedious after awhile. The Funky Meters fell to the jam groove too, which was too bad as their set just melted down into an indecipherable never-ending series of noises that were no fun. Some folks tried to dance to it, but gave up after awhile. The musicians looked like they were having fun, so nice for them. We left as they were still trying to find their way out of that maze of sound. Just in time for me as I was red as a crayfish and needed some shade and a big glass of ice water. Man, do I miss New Orleans.


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