Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Image for 5-18-11 - Scotland Flashback: The Union Canal - Bridge 28

For today's photo, I'll dip back into the big pile of photos from the recent Scotland trip. This shot is from day two, our first day on the Union Canal hike. My friend Dave (pictured here) and I set off from Edinburgh and headed west covering the 32 miles to Flakirk in three days. There are sixty-two bridges along the route, here Dave is about to pass under bridge number twenty-eight. I like this shot because of the canal boat motoring by. We saw a lot of other canal boats, but they were usually docked and not "in action". I have posted on Flickr the better pictures from Day one of the trip. More photos from the trip soon.


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  1. I like it, mostly cause I'm in it.
    And it reminds me of not being at work.