Monday, March 14, 2011

Image for 3/13/11 - Another Key West thing...

I walked around all day today with the camera in my pocket, but never saw anything worth shooting. So I'm going to dip back into the pile of photos from the Key West trip for today's image. I took this at an interesting place called the "Pelican Poop Shoppe" that is in a great old building called the "Casa Antigua" and is purported to be Ernest Hemingway's first home in Key West. Now it's somebody else's private residence with a gift shop in the front. If you buy something in the gift shop they give you a tour of the courtyard, which is where I found this weird fellow. The courtyard was wonderful, full of tropical planets and a pool in the middle. A secluded outdoor space within a town. That's a design feature that I think needs to come back.