Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Image for 3-29-11 - What's Out of Place?

One of these stickers doesn't belong. Can you guess which one? I met my buddy Casey for a pint after work at Sarah's Irish Pub. A section of the bar is covered in sassy, jokey bumper stickers all generally themed around drinking, bad attitudes, the battle of the sexes and other silliness. Today I spied one new sticker that spoiled the good humor of the collection for me. Yep, it's the Obama as the Joker sticker. I consider Sarah's to be a refugee and one of the things I need a break from is politics, especially the hateful, ignorant kind. This sticker perfectly illustrates what depresses me about the current tone of political dialogue (or lack there of) in this country. It is also a dishonest image as it aims is to bluntly paint our President as a villain and label him something he is not. I have no problem criticizing this President or any President, which is not what this image does. What it is is disingenuous, mean-spirited and worst of all not funny. Exactly what need a lot less of in the world right now.