Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm not dead yet...

Wow, where has the year gone? So, I've been lazy about posting. Acknowledge-move on.

Here is my latest sketch of a surrealist. This time, Oscar Dominguez, whom I know nothing.

I picked him because he had a great face, reminded me of Ernie Kovacs (he deserves a post all of his own), or at least a particular character that Ernie used to do.

I had to fight through my usual resistance to do this little drawing. The critic gets rolling right away keeping a running tally of all the "errors", "this is wrong",or "that doesn't work". The best advice I've heard for dealing with that evil little voice is to ignore it as you would a crazy person, and just keep working. I find that the "errors" are where all the life is in a piece of art work, where the humanity creeps in or as Leonard Cohen said, "The cracks let the light in". Amen.



  1. I agree and I am sorry I'm so bad on Blogger/blogspot.
    I discovered the same self-critisism need s to be put in a seperate room when you draw. I sometimes decide ahead of time that the piece is just a "throw-away" piece that I'll use as a CD liner note and know that I'll never see it again except maybe on the computer. That way I can mess it up and "Who Cares!"

  2. Good strategy for quieting the critic Ralf. Whatever gets us through to a finished piece of art. I'll have to surf over and check out your blog. Been too long since I've looked at it.

    OK HW