Sunday, July 27, 2008

June Hiking Report

Looks like this blog has become the once-a-month-hiking-report-blog. Yawn. Well for now it's what I got. I know, I started regaling you with tales from "The Box" set and then left you hanging big time, that will be corrected in due time. For now, I toss you this shot of my knee and hip you to my June numbers before July disappears.

Ah hmm, June was not a bad month for me hiking-wise. Slapped out 46 miles in the hottest weather we've had this year and brought my total up to 289 miles year to date. 11 miles shy of 300 and where I needed to be to maintain the average. Here's a sneak preview of July; I'm catching up. Eating up those 11 extra miles, but will I get them all? Stay tuned.