Thursday, April 20, 2006

Links like this...

I find the best web sites more often through links and not search engines, particularly when it comes to personal, artistic sites. Links create that friend-of-a-friend atmosphere, so if you like one persons blog, their links will lead to even more good reading. With all that in mind, here's some places to explore:

First up is my pal Sam Hundley. Sam is an artist and an illustrator and around Halloween every year, becomes a madman.

Another fine artist and long time friend, Foust creates wonderful linoleum block prints that are self-contained little tales.

The Wishjar Journal is a great blog written by Keri Smith. I've never met Ms. Smith, but find her musings on art, creativity and inspiration to be motivating.

Under "Film Stuff", I've added the always informative Mondo Schlocko run by Tim Shrum. One of my favorite features on this blog is the podcast, which is always a good mix of great indie music and horror movie talk.

Finally, under "Humor, Research, Whatever", I added Boing Boing, Digg, and Screenhead. Three web sites designed to suck your time and life away, but in a very entertaining and frequently informative manner.



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  1. Great idea Hal. Really is the best way to find stuff of interest. How's the hiking going?