Monday, July 25, 2005

Johnny meet Freddie and Carol

So, went and saw "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" yesterday and it was O.K., not an "Ed Wood", but definitely no "Planet of the Apes" (still reluctant to lay down the hard earned coin for a Burton film after that debacle, blah). Liked the lighting and photography a whole lot. The stuff in Charlie's hovel reminded me of Van Gogh paintings, "The Potato Eaters" and Grandpa Joe like "Self-Portrait with Badger Hat". Even though I always dig seeing Christopher Lee, really didn't care much for the whole Wonka Daddy-baggage back story bit and the Hallmark ending. And then there's Johnny Depp. He seems to have soaked up all the cool in the northern hemisphere, leaving the rest of Hollowood with a serious hip deficit. Depp plays Wonka like some stoned alien who doesn't even seem to get his own jokes and it works. Fun to see him throw in some little Hunter Thompson gags here and there and maybe a little Ed Wood too. Now some folks are seeing some Michael Jackson residue on this performance, but I think it's more twisted then that, oh yes. Depp's Wonka is the love child of Carol Channing and Freddie Mercury! Photos don't lie, check it out:

You be judge.


  1. Anonymous4:31 AM

    fine..go ahead, make me laugh (chuckles like mad)..oh thanks for the Cohen article link

  2. Happy to crack you all up. Enjoy. OK HW

  3. Now that is scary!