Monday, June 06, 2005

Take a Hike

I like to hike. It is an activity that requires very little, hell you don't even need shoes, just one foot in front of the other and pick a direction. Hiking is my main source of exercise for my body, mind and soul. For the last few years I have set an annual hiking goal of so many miles, this year it is 650 (the runner's and bicyclist are laughing right now, but we all got to play are own game). This ritual was started when I was preparing to hike the West Highland Way (an amazing trail that runs through the highlands of Scotland) for the first time and laid down a regular training schedule to stay motivated. I caught the hiking bug then and have continued to set those goals every year since. Even though I love to hike, I still procrastinate or avoid it, but the potential shame of missing a self-established goal will get my ass off the sofa if good sense fails to. What's the difference between walking and hiking? I think that walking is more relaxed, while hiking has intent and the stride is faster and more purposeful. You walk to get away from it all, you hike to go some where. You can hike nearly anywhere; city, country or 'burbs and the slow pace allows for time to study the ever-changing mosaic of life, the treasure and trash scattered all over this crazy planet. Hiking helps me to unwind and to think and stay happy. Got writer's block or feeling blue, take a hike.

Note - Thank's to David Anaxagoras for the progress bar code. It was intended for screenwriters to track finished pages, but works fine for other purposes too.

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  1. COuldn't agree more! Hiking is the way forward!

    Think I might copy your idea, except as it is June might only opt for 300 miles by Christmas!